Remember, in Session 1, we learned about Paying Attention with Curiosity. This means using your five senses to pay full attention to what is happening right in front of you, without judging it as good or bad. In Session 1, we practised this by slowly drinking  [name of drink]. But you can pay attention with curiosity during any daily activity, like while you are eating, walking, cleaning or cooking.

  • Please turn to the person next to you and discuss:
    • If you practised Paying Attention with Curiosity at least once in the past week, what benefits did you notice? For example:
      • Did it help you to be more focused on what you were doing?
      • Did it help you to appreciate or enjoy something you did?

If you did not manage to practise, choose a daily activity for practising Paying Attention with Curiosity over the next week, and discuss how this might help you.


  • In Session 1, we also learned a skill called Grounding can help us during stressful situations. It has three main steps:
    • Step 1: Notice how you are feeling and what you are thinking right
    • Step 2: Slow down and connect with your body by pushing your feet into the floor, stretching, and focusing on your
    • Step 3: Refocus on the world around you, paying attention with curiosity to what you are doing and what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell
  • Please turn to the person next to you and discuss:
    • When did you practise Grounding, and how did it help you?

If you did not practise Grounding, please discuss how Grounding could be helpful in your life. We will practise it again together, later in today’s session.