Why Refugees need Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Interventions


Embracing the unique journeys of refugees, the L2T Program understands the critical need for culturally appropriate mental health interventions. We believe that the path to healing lies in helping refugees to acknowledge and honor their inherent courage and resilience.

We recognizes the intersection of trauma recovery and cultural identities presents unique cultural challenges that hinder refugees’ willingness to engage with trauma healing because of stigma and shame.  Using a holistic approach rooted in empathy, understanding, and evidence-based practices, our program seeks to foster a safe community for refugees to heal, learn, and ultimately thrive in their new communities. Building on the science of interpersonal neurobiology, L2T created a digital apothecary that enables mental workers to work with refugees to combine experiential  and cognitive exercises to create interventions. Our mission is help refugee organizations create such healing communities.