Learning Needs and Resources Assessment



Taking time to do a needs assessment is time well-spent. We need to check our assumptions, listen to multiple parties to dig to the root of what is needed/wanted, and collect information and insights to make informed decisions about what the focus of a learning event should be. We conduct a needs assessment for the following reasons:

    • Establish a relationship. By connecting with learners before the learning begins, we show people that we care about them and the real world in which they live.

    • Draft possible learning objectives. Even a small bit of input from the learners helps us prioritize how to best use the learning time and make it most relevant.

    • Discern comfort level and emotions about the topic to be learned. Anticipating where emotions are high and where people might see things differently, helps us prepare to teach holistically and thoughtfully. It also helps us plan for possible resistance.

    • Identify and acknowledge their previous knowledge and experience with the topic. Remember, learners are resources for all to tap during the event!

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